My First Tango with Blender and 3D Animation

Creating cool animations using Blender

I recently had a cool IRC discussion with someone about developing games using Unity. I had lamented that I have no experience in making my own 3D assets, to which he told me how he knows how to create all of those. I was dazzled. Since I had read about how companies like Disney put together whole data centers to make their movies; I had always thought you would need some expensive rig, or a particular set of skills that made me a nightmare for certain people. It was actually suggested to me to check out a few tools that are used for making 3D models. Specifically I zoned in on The Blender Project, an open source 3D animation software.


So I went straight away to the tutorial pages of various websites. I was mesmerized and overwhelmed. I will not mince words, Blender has a high threshold for admittance. There are a ton of commands, a thousand different keyboard shortcuts and each one of those shortcuts has shortcuts. It can make your head explode if you don’t take it slow. So that’s what I decided to do. I took some time, did some basic tutorials and played with it.

I ended up making a very ill-conceived tea-cup. Not great but it was the first thing I made.

Tea Cup BlenderLink to tutorial:

Soon I came across a really cool planet exploding tutorial which took me through a ton of the steps that are used in every project. After making my way through all the in-depth steps I wound up with the following animation:

Link to tutorial:

I am really happy about making this. The tutorial was very detailed and I was excited for the clear directions. Thank you to tutor4u for making it. I am excited to keep plugging away at blender projects. I fully encourage anyone who would be interested in checking out the Blender Project website. I also have some links below for some tutorial sites full of different ways to use Blender. It’s well worth the time and effort.

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