Hello my name is George Offley and I like to code stuff!


Crawling Simply with Scrapy

I’ve been building a project lately, working with Python and networking tools. My homemade crawler ran into a litany of issues. From getting to our page, to parsing out the links, I kept running into issues. Luckily for mine and for many other issues that we try to tackle as software developers and aspiring developers […]

We’ve Decided to go With Someone With More Experience

I’m sure anyone who’s ever looked for a job has been through this. You go through your day and then you get the email from the company you interviewed with recently. Your heart stops and, depending on how much you wanted this job, that moment before opening the email seems to last for days. As […]


Balancing Your Way Through a DDoS Attack

We talked in depth about load balancers in use for distributing traffic to a web app the last time after I screwed up my DevOps interview. For this I would like to look a little deeper in some of the issues surrounding load balancers; Specifically how we can use them to mitigate DDoS attacks. There […]