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Dictionaries in Python Image

Data Structures in Python: Dictionaries

Introduction I’m not going to use a fancy list of Avengers to make my point. I’m still reeling from the ending. Plus, most of the Avengers that they killed off were people of color. My only thought, as I shake my head, is apparently Thanos is racist too. Damn it! The next section of my […]

Infinity War Python Data structures lists

Data Structures in Python: Lists and The Avengers

Introduction Alright, I saw Infinity War and it was awesome. It was shocking, ridiculous and made me cry. Relax, there are some spoilers but there is a warning. I am going to steal some of the Avengers for my examples of python data structures, though. I’m not overly familiar with all the data structures that […]

Crawling Simply with Scrapy

I’ve been building a project lately, working with Python and networking tools. My homemade crawler ran into a litany of issues. From getting to our page, to parsing out the links, I kept running into issues. Luckily for mine and for many other issues that we try to tackle as software developers and aspiring developers […]