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I love rap music. I grew up in an environment that revered rappers and loved their lyrics as if it was the script to which we lived our lives. There were many artists that made up the landscape of the 1990s and 2000s, but Eminem (Marshal Mathers III) always, stood alone. The ability for Eminem to twist syllables and make them work to his needs is unrivaled. He’s taken full advantage of this ability, carving out a space in hip hop’s hall of fame and creating an ecosystem realized by only a few in the industry.

Beyond learning that a good lyricists make mountains of cash I have learned one lesson from him; always keep making yourself better. In an interview that Anderson Cooper conducted with the rapper he revealed (along with many of the details from his growing up) that he on a continual basis writes. His writings were chaotically organized in a box that is kept at his studio. He referred to them as a “bank” of rhymes that he keeps and often times adds to and digs out to use in his songs.

This is a continual process that is repeated everyday. Em methodically breaks down syllables, to create new rhyme schemes and string them into suitable lyrics for production songs. The process is strangely reminiscent of web development. Creating code, testing, reviewing content, and shipping.

The Purpose of this information is to create a foundation for what this blog is going to be: an outlet for learning web development. The posts that follow this will be in tutorial format, and they will follow what it is that I’m learning about that week. The topics will orbit around front-end development and back end development. I will always try to keep with current trends in in the industry and I implore the community at large to chime in and correct me if I get something wrong or there is a better way to do something.

With all that being said I love to work within the web and I love to learn and that is the our purpose in life!

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