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Unit Testing in Python

When I started reading more into and practicing unit testing in python my first question was; “How did I not know about this, you jagweeds?” The truth is that unit testing is an incredibly important part of developing software. I consider myself at a level where I have moved beyond learning the basics and have […]

Creating a Simple Spam Filter in PHP

  I started with a post giving in in depth look into creating and utilizing objects in PHP. That post will follow soon enough, I want to make sure that I am fully prepared to teach all I can about objects in PHP. What I ended up here with is a super simple spam filter […]

Creating Easy Fluid Layouts with Flexbox

  I see a lot of designers and developers jumping ship to frameworks and that is commendable because it makes life easier can sometimes be better than hand written code. For dinosaurs like myself I like to write code. Now CSS isn’t technically code so my horse is not that high. What I really mean […]

Adventures in AngularJS Part 1

  I recently had a conversation with a hiring person who was looking for a Front End Developer. Their stack consisted of mostly AngularJS and while having a cursory knowledge of Angular I am not as comfortable with working in that framework as I would like to be. That being said I starting looking through […]

Geocoding with Google and PHP

    I’m currently creating an app that looks up Congressional information for your address. I came across the issue of geocoding because using latitude and longitude makes better sense for finding that information. It’s something I have never done before so I have decided to put out a quick blog post about it. What […]