Working with PHP Data Objects



In the past we have seen a lot of technology to interact with databases. PHP is a dynamic language which is usually used in conjunction with a database. In the past we used different technologies to work with different technologies, for example SQLite would use the SQLite functions to read the database or the MySQLi extension to work with a MySQL database. As of PHP 5.1 and above we have something to consolidate everything into one extension.

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Creating Web Apps Using Yeoman


As front end developers go we have many tools at our disposal. Among those tools, numerous as they may be, I have been learning one that sticks out. His name is Yeoman, and he is here to make our lives easier. Although he is here to help, he has some strict uses and can be opinionated at times. All that said he gives you the tools to create web applications, test them, and even deploy them with confidence.

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A Quick and Easy Canvas Tutorial


The HTML5 specification is made up of a lot of factors that contribute to it being one of the coolest out in the industry. The video element alone makes it one of the easiest to put together websites without too many considerations. Aprart from the video element the canvas element stands out as the Fonz of the lot. The coolest project I’ve seen so far is the project Full Screen Mario (Full Screen Mario), easily one of the coolest things Ive seen in a long time. The canvas element utilizes the 2D api, that I will explain in detail further down the post.

The following is a small tutorial introducing you to the canvas element. I am going to take you through some of the basics of the system and hopefully get you interested enough to look deeper into the specification (it’s literally enough to fill volumes).
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An Open Letter to My Blog


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I love rap music. I grew up in an environment that revered rappers and loved their lyrics as if it was the script to which we lived our lives. There were many artists that made up the landscape of the 1990s and 2000s, but Eminem (Marshal Mathers III) always, stood alone. The ability for Eminem to twist syllables and make them work to his needs is unrivaled. He’s taken full advantage of this ability, carving out a space in hip hop’s hall of fame and creating an ecosystem realized by only a few in the industry.
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