Creating Draggable Objects Using jQuery: My First Pull Request

Being Dragged


I am still a new developer when it comes to the rest of the Web Development world. Today is kind of a big day for me. Today I created my first pull request for a repository that I liked. The repo is called flakes. It is a bootstrap like template for creating business apps and I couldn’t help but look into it. All that aside I am excited to share the changes I made with everyone reading.

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Adventures in AngularJS Part 1



I recently had a conversation with a hiring person who was looking for a Front End Developer. Their stack consisted of mostly AngularJS and while having a cursory knowledge of Angular I am not as comfortable with working in that framework as I would like to be. That being said I starting looking through some tutorials and I am getting my hands dirty. Filthy some would say.

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A Quick and Easy Canvas Tutorial


The HTML5 specification is made up of a lot of factors that contribute to it being one of the coolest out in the industry. The video element alone makes it one of the easiest to put together websites without too many considerations. Aprart from the video element the canvas element stands out as the Fonz of the lot. The coolest project I’ve seen so far is the project Full Screen Mario (Full Screen Mario), easily one of the coolest things Ive seen in a long time. The canvas element utilizes the 2D api, that I will explain in detail further down the post.

The following is a small tutorial introducing you to the canvas element. I am going to take you through some of the basics of the system and hopefully get you interested enough to look deeper into the specification (it’s literally enough to fill volumes).
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