Creating a Simple Spam Filter in PHP



I started with a post giving in in depth look into creating and utilizing objects in PHP. That post will follow soon enough, I want to make sure that I am fully prepared to teach all I can about objects in PHP. What I ended up here with is a super simple spam filter for email. The form is easy, you enter in your name, email address, password (hidden), and the domain for the person sending you an email. It’s a simple app if you receive an email from someone and you’re not sure whether or not they’re spamming you.

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Geocoding with Google and PHP




I’m currently creating an app that looks up Congressional information for your address. I came across the issue of geocoding because using latitude and longitude makes better sense for finding that information. It’s something I have never done before so I have decided to put out a quick blog post about it. What follows will the code sample I used (it was a lot easier than I anticipated), and a quick explanation. We will be using the Google Geocoding API found here:
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Working with PHP Data Objects



In the past we have seen a lot of technology to interact with databases. PHP is a dynamic language which is usually used in conjunction with a database. In the past we used different technologies to work with different technologies, for example SQLite would use the SQLite functions to read the database or the MySQLi extension to work with a MySQL database. As of PHP 5.1 and above we have something to consolidate everything into one extension.

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