Creating a Simple Spam Filter in PHP



I started with a post giving in in depth look into creating and utilizing objects in PHP. That post will follow soon enough, I want to make sure that I am fully prepared to teach all I can about objects in PHP. What I ended up here with is a super simple spam filter for email. The form is easy, you enter in your name, email address, password (hidden), and the domain for the person sending you an email. It’s a simple app if you receive an email from someone and you’re not sure whether or not they’re spamming you.

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Creating Easy Fluid Layouts with Flexbox



I see a lot of designers and developers jumping ship to frameworks and that is commendable because it makes life easier can sometimes be better than hand written code. For dinosaurs like myself I like to write code. Now CSS isn’t technically code so my horse is not that high. What I really mean is that when you talk about technology hands on experience is essential and that means the stuff out front as well. Even though frameworks are dominating developers and designers should be able to write code. It’s easy to just use Bootstrap, I do but I love using Flexbox as one of my layout tools. It makes me a less stressed out and less of a swear word sayer.

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Creating Page Redirects in SharePoint 2013



Hello everyone, sorry for my absence from the blog. Lots of stuff happening both with work and in my personal life. Also going through some of my plans for the future and what certifications I need for that future. Anyway I’m here to talk a little bit about SharePoint! I’ll wait for you to wake from the happiness coma.

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Creating Draggable Objects Using jQuery: My First Pull Request

Being Dragged


I am still a new developer when it comes to the rest of the Web Development world. Today is kind of a big day for me. Today I created my first pull request for a repository that I liked. The repo is called flakes. It is a bootstrap like template for creating business apps and I couldn’t help but look into it. All that aside I am excited to share the changes I made with everyone reading.

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Book Review: Python Network Programming by Dr. M. O. Faruque Sarker with Examples

Python Network Programming Cookbook


Today I am tackling a book review. I saw an ad for the book on Google+ and I was able to get a free copy on Packt Publishing’s dime, in return I said I would write a review. I have a cursory knowledge of Python so I had to look a little bit more into what the language was all about before I dove head first into a book about advanced Python techniques. After a long stint on Codecademy I came out with a better understanding of the language and more confidence in my Python skills. Enough to dig into the book and get a lot out of it. So now lets get into this.

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Creating a Contact Card with Bootstrap and Font Awesome



The days of plugins are upon us. It is truly the best of times and the worst of times. That’s overly dramatic but here’s the crux of the matter; often times it seems easier to download and integrate a plugin for small things. Often times we like a one size fits all solution when we often overlook the tools already available to us. On my blog I use a custom made contact bar where I have some icons representing the various methods that I can be reached. I used a simple tools that are most likely already in your website.

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Utilize Background Videos to Create Great Web Experiences.



See Code on GitHub


The internet is an amazing place. There is a trend in creating websites that goes beyond the traditional brochure style landing page. One of my favorite devices in this context are utilizing background videos and audio to help sell your experience.

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Adventures in AngularJS Part 1



I recently had a conversation with a hiring person who was looking for a Front End Developer. Their stack consisted of mostly AngularJS and while having a cursory knowledge of Angular I am not as comfortable with working in that framework as I would like to be. That being said I starting looking through some tutorials and I am getting my hands dirty. Filthy some would say.

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Geocoding with Google and PHP




I’m currently creating an app that looks up Congressional information for your address. I came across the issue of geocoding because using latitude and longitude makes better sense for finding that information. It’s something I have never done before so I have decided to put out a quick blog post about it. What follows will the code sample I used (it was a lot easier than I anticipated), and a quick explanation. We will be using the Google Geocoding API found here:
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Working with PHP Data Objects



In the past we have seen a lot of technology to interact with databases. PHP is a dynamic language which is usually used in conjunction with a database. In the past we used different technologies to work with different technologies, for example SQLite would use the SQLite functions to read the database or the MySQLi extension to work with a MySQL database. As of PHP 5.1 and above we have something to consolidate everything into one extension.

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