Networking in Python: Hexadecimal to Decimal Converter in Python

This is the first in a series about networking using Python and Python libraries to accomplish a myriad of networking goals. I’m currently working to build some networking tools so I want to share some of the tools I’m making.

My First Tango with Blender and 3D Animation

Creating cool animations using Blender

I recently had a cool IRC discussion with someone about developing games using Unity. I had lamented that I have no experience in making my own 3D assets, to which he told me how he knows how to create all of those. I was dazzled. Since I had read about how companies like Disney put together whole data centers to make their movies; I had always thought you would need some expensive rig, or a particular set of skills that made me a nightmare for certain people. It was actually suggested to me to check out a few tools that are used for making 3D models. Specifically I zoned in on The Blender Project, an open source 3D animation software.


Testing in Python Part II: PyTest

After a shallow dive into the world of unit testing in the Python I took to the internet comments for guidance. I know what you’re thinking, it’s an exercise in poor thinking, keyboard warrior syndrome, and people telling me to go fuck myself. However every once in awhile you come across someone who knows what they are talking about and you can get some pretty cool information from them. In this exercise someone suggested to me (on top of definitely upgrading to Python 3) to switch to using Pytest to write my test scripts.


Unit Testing in Python

When I started reading more into and practicing unit testing in python my first question was; “How did I not know about this, you jagweeds?” The truth is that unit testing is an incredibly important part of developing software. I consider myself at a level where I have moved beyond learning the basics and have graduated to actually putting together projects, building new sites, and learning to make tools to automate my life. Now it is up to me to learn about and make unit tests for my projects. I’d like to pass along what I have learned to others.


Creating a Simple Spam Filter in PHP



I started with a post giving in in depth look into creating and utilizing objects in PHP. That post will follow soon enough, I want to make sure that I am fully prepared to teach all I can about objects in PHP. What I ended up here with is a super simple spam filter for email. The form is easy, you enter in your name, email address, password (hidden), and the domain for the person sending you an email. It’s a simple app if you receive an email from someone and you’re not sure whether or not they’re spamming you.